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Hands-on and Project-Based Industry-Specific Training

Whether you are thinking of re-entering for a new career or enhancing your current one, PeopleNTech has over 14 years experience in Computer Training and delivering education that will provide you with the highest quality support, training and qualifications.

Our Courses - Steps to rewarding IT Career

Our superlative selection of courses has been specifically designed to help industry professionals work with today's best-of-breed automation tools. It is our objective to make our students professional and experienced at what they learn.

Job Placements

Our recruitment team has significant JOB Placement RECORD for the last 14 years in finding the jobs for our students. We have track record of placing students with some of the big names in the market like Microsoft, HP, Sun & IBM. 

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All Events Check Out Our Courses, Whether you are thinking of re-entering for a new career or enhancing your current one,

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1 I am not technical education background. Am i eligible for taking admission?

Yes, You can get admission. Our perquisite is not technical background. If you have knowledge on computer literacy you are eligible for taking admission.

2 How can i get the job placement service from PeopleNTech USA?

PeopleNTech is the pioneer of providing jobs . We have provided 8000+ jobs in USA. For job placement services communicate with us directly at jobs@piit.us & Call 1-855-562-7448.

3 Can i get admission from Bangladesh Campus?

Yes. You can visit our Bangladesh campus office.

4 Are you providing job placement gurantee?

Yes. We providing job placement guarantee for our students. Best on your skills and interviews skill you will get job earlier.

5 Can i pay the fee in instalments?

Yes, Instalment support is available. Please communicate with our team for your support.

6 Do you have online / offline class facilities? is this possible to participate class from home?

Yes. We are providing 14 years online offline training service facility. You can join our classes via online or offline.

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Our Clients We're proud of our strategies and glad to work with some fantastic companies.

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