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Hands-on, Project-based, Industry-oriented Training

Whether you are planning to re-enter a new career or enhance your current one, PeopleNTech Institute of Information Technology is beside you with its 19 years of experience facilitating hands-on, project-oriented training in various Information Technology fields.

Helping to Enhance your Project and Portfolio

PeopleNTech ensures that its students complete hands-on projects to enrich their project portfolio. Besides, our resume-building experts help you showcase your skills and experiences more professionally, allowing you to present yourself in the job market more accurately.

Facilitating High Paid Job Placement

Our well-experienced recruitment team has succeeded in Student Job Placement for the last 19 years. We have a track record of placing our students in big brands like Microsoft, HP, Sun Microsystems, IBM, and many other reputed countries in the USA and other countries.

Frequently Asked Questions Get Answer to your Common Questions

1 I am not from technical background. Am I eligible for taking admission?

Of course! You can get admission. Our perquisite is not technical background. If you have knowledge on basic computing, you are eligible for taking admission and learn.

2 How may I get the Job Placement service from PeopleNTech USA?

PeopleNTech is the pioneer of providing jobs . We have provided 8000+ jobs in USA, and more 5000+ in other countries. For job placement services communicate with us directly at jobs@piit.us or Call 1-855-562-7448.

3 What Campuses do you offer your Professional Training Programs?

We offer our professional training programs in Virginia, or New York, or New Jersey, or Pennsylvania campus, or even Online!

4 Are you providing Job Placement guarantee after Training?

Of course! We offer Job Placement Guarantee to our students who are successfully completing their training and related preparation sessions and events.

5 In case of financial challenges may I pay in installments?

Of course! We care about our students and we know that they may require financial assistance. For this reason we provide installment facility, for which the students need to talk to the office in person.

6 Do you offer only on-campus classes? Can a student attend classes online too?

We always encourage on-campus classes, however, we provide full facility for online classes as well so that our students can receive training online. We have 14+ years of online training experience.

Accreditions & Affiliations Know at a Glance about PeopleNTech Institute of IT

Certified by the "State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV)"
Partnered with Washington University of Science and Technology for Education Programs
Affiliated with PeopleNTech, LLC (Consulting & Staffing firm)
Registered with the State of Virginia and New York as a Consulting & Staffing firm
Employment Agency certified by the "New York City Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA)"
Pearson VUE Authorized Training Center
AWS Academy Member Institution

Our Clients We're proud of our strategies and glad to work with some fantastic companies.

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