Modern economy is dominated by technology and technological advancement is considered to be an indicator strongly correlated to economic development. One of the fastest growing technologies - the Information Technology - is capturing almost all spheres of economic activities in every minute and this has posed a challenge for us to keep pace with the speed of transformation. The ever-changing dynamics of demand and supply are getting far more complex than before and all business processes are getting shaped with speed much faster and easier than before. Such a trend is visible not only within the economy but also in the global settings and the single most dominant factor in the process is the Information Technology (IT). While the use of IT is a prime requirement for a business to grow and survive, it is equally important for a business to have affordable access to sufficient expertise to keep up with the competitive environment.

Considering the above in forefront, PeopleNTech, LLC was formed back in 2005 to provide affordable consultancy and staffing services to the small and medium enterprises in testing their applications. Over the past few years, PeopleNTech increased its service capabilities by incorporating diverse expertise in its pool of consultants and started career consultancy to meet the demands of clients at both ends - employers and job seekers. Such an endeavor has been a unique experience for PeopleNTech to come up with a new realization that, rapidly changing needs in technological expertise can effectively be met through boosting skills of the potential IT professionals through comprehensive and practical training. PeopleNTech, LLC is registered with the State of Virginia and New York as a Consulting & staffing firm. It is also an Employment Agency certified by "New York City Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA)". For our employment Agency clients, NY office provides ‘help to preparing eye-catching resume’, ‘help to improve interview skill’ and arranges discussion on necessary technological updates with free of cost.

In parallel with the Employment Agency, consultancy and staffing services PeopleNTech started in-house training of its consultants and new recruits on cutting edge Testing, Business Analyst, Project Management Professional, Database Administration and Network Administration tools that are being directly used on the job desks. Positive impact of such training resulted in high performance of the testers, QA Analysts, Business Analysts, Project Management Professional, Database Administrators and Network Administrators in the field. Eventually PeopleNTech experienced increasing demand for its offered training, so it had taken steps to increase its training facilities opening doors for the potential IT professionals who were seeking placements in the job market with its subsidiary company "PeopleNTech Institute of Information Technology (PIIT), Inc." which is certified by "State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV)".

As of now PeopleNTech Institute of Information Technology (PIIT), Inc. has built its capacity to train around 70 students per semester in Virginia and updated its course curriculum to include most demanding and industry standard technical skills coupled with effective dissemination techniques. Trainees can join from other states in these courses to take the class online. Registration and course conduction will be centered in VA campus. Also consultants/employees of PeopleNTech can attend these courses online for respective upgradation of their skill sets from any corner of the world without any training fee. PeopleNTech Institute of Information Technology (PIIT), Inc. believes that its efforts are being resulted in creation of a productive group of professionals much needed by the time and the US Economy in broader perspectives. So it is gladly taking further steps to increase its training facilities opening doors for the potential IT professionals in NY, NJ & PA as well.