DevOps Engineering with Cloud Computing

DevOps Engineering with Cloud Computing

The DevOps Engineering with Cloud Computing course combines DevOps principles with cloud computing, providing students with the skills to effectively build, deploy, and manage software applications in cloud environments. Students gain hands-on experience with tools like version control systems, continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines, and containerization technologies.

Students will learn to architect and implement DevOps solutions that leverage the capabilities of cloud platforms, preparing them for the demands of modern software development and operations. The Cloud Computing Platforms that will be taught in this course will include AWS and Azure, both widely used globally.

Why become a DevOps Engineer?

  • High-earning opportunities range from 150K to 250K, even more.
  • The job market growth rate in Cloud DevOps Engineering is more than 38% in the USA.
  • Most of the DevOps jobs require Cloud Computing, while AWS holds a 32% market share of the cloud computing market.
  • DevOps Engineer roles among the top 15 emerging jobs in the USA.
  • DevOps market to reach $14.97 billion by 2025.
  • 84% of the organizations prioritized DevOps after the pandemic breakout.
  • 63% of organizations have a budget for DevOps upskilling.


Students are required to have at least an associate's degree, OR a High School Diploma or GED with two years of related work experience and at least fundamental knowledge of computer, internet and computer applications.

Students will have to qualify for a placement test to choose this specialization.

Total Duration:

4 Months Long Professional Course