Seminar on Career Development for International Students

Published Date : 30-07-2022

Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority Managing Director, Bikarna Kumar Ghosh, said many Bangladeshi students are now studying at the Washington University of Science and Technology, which is owned by a Bangladeshi, engineer Abubakar Hanip.



"Recently I visited his university. Mr. Hanip and Farhana Hanip are doing amazing work there. We are proud of them—Mr. on the ground of the United States. Hanip proudly flew the flag of Bangladesh. We need thousands of Hanips to move this country forward,' said Bikarna Kumar Ghosh.


He said these things while speaking as the chief guest at a seminar organized for the career development of foreign students studying in Bangladesh at Krishibid Institution in the capital last Thursday (July 28).


Mr. Bikarna Kumar also pledged to work with the Washington University of Science and Technology so that students from this country can go to the United States for higher education at a lower cost.


He said that Bangladesh is moving forward at a very fast pace - in the economic field, in the information technology field, and even in the education field. Our Prime Minister has transformed this country from a low-income country to a middle-income country in just ten to twelve years. Without him this development would not have been possible, this country would not have been Digital Bangladesh.


Joining the seminar virtually, the Chancellor of Washington University of Science and Technology, Engineer Abubakar Hanip highlighted the difference between his university and other universities and said that while a student from a university acquires master's only academic knowledge, at Washington University students acquire both academic and industry knowledge. As a result, they enter the workforce empowered and able to contribute from day one.


So we have experience, and based on this experience we are imparting education. We have scholars with 4 to 30 years of experience at the University of Washington. Through these experienced scholars, students are able to acquire both academic and industry knowledge and emerge proficient.


Our goal is that our students will work in America's first saree companies. That's how we build them efficiently. He said that in the last 15 years, about 7 thousand Bangladeshis have been working in the main steam of the United States with training from PeopleNTech.


In the president's speech, Farhana Hanip, the president of Piplontech, promised to provide all kinds of help and support to the foreign students present for higher education. He called upon the students to develop themselves efficiently by taking various training besides acquiring academic knowledge.


In informing the students about Piplontech, he said, Piplontech is a multinational professional skill development center, job placement, consulting, and outsourcing company in Bangladesh. It started in the USA in 2004 and in Bangladesh in 2014 with the mission and vision of working with the slogan "Digital Bangladesh".