PeopleNTech give thanks for all student's time and gracing the evening with your family on 23 October, 2022 along with our Chief Guest Dr. Monirul Islam, Consul General of Bangladesh, Special Guest Mr. Syed Ashikur Rahman, CEO, RTV, Chancellor and Chairman of Washington University of Science and Technology (WUST) and founder CEO of PeopleNTech Engr Abubokor Hanip and Ms. Farhana Hanip, CFO (WUST) and President, PeopleNTech who are working tirelessly with the vision - “Student First” and “Empowering People” at large via a series of ventures.

It was a great pleasure to meet you again, listening to your memorable, fabulous and life changing stories that inspired many and will resonate in future too. Our joy knows no bounds after seeing you happy and successful with your family. We are extremely delighted to see you contributing to the mainstream IT field in the USA at various respectable positions and joining the top six figure earner’s club, thus contributing to your family, society and country as well. Your growth is our growth! Let's continue to grow together and help our communities to grow further!

We made so many memories together that would strengthen our bonding and keep us afresh till the next summit and beyond.